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Airbnb Pre approval

Short Answer

Airbnb Pre Approval is a simple feature that allows guests to book a property without making a reservation request. On the other hand, it also allows hosts to show interest that they want you as their guest. When a host pre-approves a guest he or she must respond within 24 hours, otherwise it’ll expire and the guest should ask for pre-approval again.

Have you ever wondered why Airbnb is one of the most popular vacation rental sites? Well, there is a simple reason and that’s a variety of amazing features for both guests and hosts. Airbnb pre-approval is one of them. 

Today, we’ll see what pre-approval means on airbnb, how it can help us to improve our stays, and much more. I’ll be sharing the story of my friend who loves this feature. So without wasting more time let’s catch it.

What is Airbnb Pre Approval

Most of us may think pre-approval is a biggie but actually, it is not and it can be a very handy feature as well. Keeping it short and straightforward, when you send an airbnb inquiry to the host about a particular listing, the host gets a couple of options like ignore, special offer, send a message or response, and lastly, pre-approve the guest.

If the host chooses to pre-approve you, you’ll get a notification and you have to submit a response within 24 hours otherwise it’ll expire. Okay, this is how it works but what is the main purpose of it? Well, here it is.

Airbnb pre-approval allows guests to book a property when they are ready and are on the go. Once you’re pre-approved, you don’t have to send a reservation request and wait for the host to respond. But as you know, you must send an inquiry first to get pre-approval.

Favourite Airbnb Apartment in florida

My friend Jenna had been planning a last-minute getaway to Paris during her work break, and she needed to find accommodations quickly.

She got an eye on a lovely apartment listing in the center of the city that matched her budget and preferences.

She was very eager to secure her stay without any kind of delay, so she used Airbnb’s pre-approval feature to send a pre-approval request to the host.

The host received Jenna’s pre-approval request and, upon reviewing her profile and information, immediately accepted it.

This allowed Jenna to proceed with the booking almost instantly. The payment was processed, and Jenna’s reservation was confirmed within a matter of minutes.

Airbnb Cancels Pre Approval

Wait a second. Do you know that once you’re approved by a host he can also withdraw the approval?

Yeah, you are not reading it wrong, airbnb has given the right to the hosts to cancel the pre-approval and block the guests from instant bookings.

While this can be a headache for the guests but not for the hosts, Let me tell you why. While the pre-approval feature is designed to facilitate communication and build trust between hosts and guests, there are situations where hosts may need to reconsider their initial approval.

For example, John as a superhost might receive multiple booking requests for the same dates and after careful consideration, He may decide to prioritize a long-term guest over a shorter stay.

If you’re on a short stay the host can use the “cancel pre-approval” option to retract their initial approval and make the dates available for other potential guests.

This is one of the prominent reasons why airbnb cancels pre-approval. 

How Does Pre Approval Benefit Guests

Benefits of pre approval

Guests can benefit significantly from Airbnb’s pre-approval feature in several ways, and it can result in a more personalized and stress-free booking experience. Firstly, pre-approval enables guests to book a property instantly or whenever they are ready and are on the go. 

Additionally, guests can negotiate aspects like pricing, check-in/check-out times, and other details to ensure the accommodation aligns with their needs. Now it’s very important not to get confused between an inquiry and pre-approval. 

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Tips for Guests on pre-approval

While asking for pre-approval, it’s important to not delay in your replies and have everything clear. You should know about your check-in and check-out as well. The next tip can increase the chances of getting it approved and that is If you see something in the host’s profile that you both like, mention it when you’re reaching out. It’s a quick way to make a connection and show that you have something in common.

For understanding, if the host mentions a love for hiking and you enjoy it too, you could say something like, “I noticed you’re into hiking, and I am too! Any local trails you’d recommend?” This kind of friendly hook can make you more relatable and you can kick off the conversation on a positive note. I think it’s definitely an outside of the box strategy, lol. 


In the end, Airbnb Pre-approval is a great and quite helpful feature for both sides. It can save time, make communication more easier, and give more freedom by allowing us to book a property instantly whenever we get a chance. Keep in mind that pre-approval expires within 24 hours so you must respond in that time. 

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