Can Airbnb Host Sue Guest? 5 Reasons

can airbnb host sue guest

This is your first time booking an Airbnb and you’re wondering whether can Airbnb hosts sue guests or not. The answer is yes, Airbnb hosts can sue guests. First, I want to appreciate you because you are doing the right thing. It’s always important to know about the ins and outs of each platform especially when booking on Airbnb.

Many disputes can occur between hosts and guests, that’s why as a guest it’s important to be aware of the terms and policies of the hosts. here, I have compiled a well-researched and informative article to protect you guys from any possible disputes. It’ll help you a lot.

Can Airbnb host sue guest, Yes

Airbnb hosts have the right to sue their guests anytime if they found something harmful or illegal against their terms and policies. These cases are very rare, According to airbnb the ratio of disputes is just 0.1%.

What I experienced is that 90% of the guests are very disciplined and in fact, they love taking care of their rentals. Anyhow, Take note of any specific rules about restrictions, or limitations. Contacting the host is ideal, by the way, I have talked about it a lot in my previous guides.

These guidelines will help to maintain a positive guest-host relationship and minimize the risk of legal disputes.

Responsibilities as a guest

To avoid any kind of legal issues you need to know about your responsibilities. It includes taking care of the rentals, maintaining a cleaning schedule, security and safety, but the most important is never harming the host.

If you have done something wrong, the host may get angry and that’s where the problem begins, So you have to humble yourself and try to normalize the situation.

We all are human beings, we could make mistakes. So what I recommend is, whenever you did something wrong just tell the host right before. Believe me, it’s the best way to deal without getting into disputes.

They may ask you for money or fix it.

Safety and security are also a concern, read the terms carefully before booking accommodation. It’s about closing the windows at a given time, No food orders after 11 AM, this and that.

Reasons for Suing a Guest

There are tons of reasons for suing a guest, but the most common is not taking care of rentals and doing something wrong with the host like injuries.

1. Property damages

If a guest did something wrong intentionally or unintentionally which resulted in significant damage to the property then It’s the right of the hosts to file a suit in court against their guests.

2. Violation of House Rules

On airbnb, all the rentals come up with rules. Some are very strict and some are flexible. You have to take care of these. If you ignored something which leads to potential harm and damage to the property then it’ll be a troubled time.

3. Unauthorized Subletting

Airbnb strictly prohibits subletting apartments, meaning guests are not allowed to rent out the property to others. Make sure to never do that because if a host knows about it he can take legal action against you. Besides subletting can create problems with security, property damages, and violations of agreements between the host and Airbnb.

4. Injuries and harms

You may hear about a guest suing an airbnb host due to injuries, but there are some cases where hosts sue guests due to harming other guests and the hosts themself.

In such cases, the host may sue the guest to recover medical expenses, property damages, and other losses which are occurred due to the guest.
Read more about injuries.

Airbnb’s Policies Regarding Disputes

Airbnb policies and

As one of the most popular booking platforms, Airbnb has some reliable and unbiased policies for resolving disputes between guests and hosts.

1. Communication

Airbnb always reminds us about communicating with each other, whether it’s about getting information about rentals or resolving disputes. Try to fix the problem by yourself by communicating with the host, because as we know the fee for fighting suits can break the back.

2. Responsibilities for guests and hosts

There are several strict policies for guests and hosts that we should follow for making our rental stay easy and peaceful. Hosts are expected to provide accurate property descriptions, maintain a safe and clean environment for guests, and provide accurate information about laws and regulations.

On the other hand, Guests take care of the property with care, follow the rules, and respect the community. These are the must-haves to avoid disputes.

How To Protect Yourself? 

It’s so simple, just follow the rules and regulations. I don’t how many times I have to use this word but anyhow, Be mindful of your actions and think about what can create problems between you and the host.

To protect yourself from any legal dispute, review the listing very carefully. Look for reviews, images and videos also make sure to contact the host for asking more information about the location and amenities.

If you’re living in a rental with multiple guests then you should respect their rules and policies. Airbnb has a particular guide on this topic you can also refer to that for getting more information.

Next, keep in mind all the local laws and regulations. You’re going to an area that you have no knowledge about. That’s where reading the description and contacting the host comes up.

Take your personal safety and security seriously. Whenever leaving the property and going o the market or to the park whatever it is, Lock the doors and windows, and never allow unauthorized individuals to enter the home. Be careful of your valuables items and accessories.

Before booking on Airbnb, I recommend googling the location and getting information about the crime rates and behavior of people. I do the same.

Reporting issues immediately

This is where I’m going to share the best tip to avoid any kind of disputes, If you encounter any issues or problems during your stay, Immediately report them to the host or Airbnb’s support team. Document any damages, concerns, or safety issues with photographs and detailed descriptions. It’ll help to address the issue and also protect you from getting into any problems.

About a year ago, my friend had to pay the fee for a broken lamp which he didn’t break. His mistake was just not reporting the airbnb team or the host.

Frequently asked questions

1. can airbnb host sue me?

Yes, airbnb hosts can sue you, if you do something wrong or illegal against the rules and policies, it includes damaging the property and harming other guests and hosts, etc.

2. Can Airbnb host charge guests for damage?

Yes, Airbnb hosts can charge guests for damaging their property. Airbnb provides a Host Guarantee program that offers coverage for eligible damages up to a certain amount. Hosts can file a claim via Airbnb’s Resolution Center.

3. What if a guest gets hurt on Airbnb?

If the guest is injured due to the irresponsibility of the host then he/she can contact the airbnb resolution center or file a suit against the host. But first, it’ll be better to contact the host.


Let's finalize it, Airbnb hosts can sue guests if they have damaged the property or done something wrong to the hosts. As I mentioned before these are the very rare cases and Airbnb is improving its platform day by day to deal with it.

I always recommend communicating with the host about any issue, because 90% of your issues will be resolved just by contacting the host.

Make sure to report any issue or damage to the hosts or Airbnb center.

Have a blessed stay!

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