10 key considerations for booking an Airbnb with no reviews.

Image of a rental on Airbnbwith no reviews

Is booking an airbnb with no reviews risky?

In Dec, I was traveling to France and looking for a fantastic accommodation for my travel trip. As we all know there is nothing better than Airbnb. So I stuck with it and started searching for my dream hotel. Obviously, that is the critical part of any trip and has more impact on your journey than any other thing. After skimming through for about ten minutes I saw an amazing listing, but you know what it had no reviews and I said those three words LOL.

Anyhow, If that’s the case stick with me as I’m going to share some important points and considerations that you should know before booking an Airbnb with no reviews.


Booking Airbnb with no reviews

Airbnb with no reviews

We all love booking rentals or hotels with good reviews because they reflect the features, reliability, value for the money, accuracy of the listing, Noise concerns, property condition, and most importantly reviews build confidence that you’re not choosing a bad one.

Now turn the page, Should we consider booking an Airbnb with no reviews, The short answer is yes. But wait there, you have to take care of some critical points to make sure you’re on the right side and to avoid getting any kind of scam or misleading ploy.

  • Why do reviews matter?
  • New Listing
  • Tasks from host
  • Cheap prices
  • Easy to Book 
  • Airbnb Might Not Match the Pictures
  • critically analyze descriptions and photos
  • Contact the host
  • Keep all the communication and data on the platfrom
  • Think About the Length of Your Stay
  • What to Look For in Airbnb Reviews
  • Terrible Customer Service Issues
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Superhost Status
  • Cleaning fee
  • Watch Out for the Occasional Airbnb Scam

Importance of reviews on Airbnb

Let’s say you’re looking for the best mattress for an Airbnb apartment, you searched it on Amazon and now you have two options. One with a 5-star rating and the other one is just sitting on an egg meaning zero, without a doubt you’ll buy one with excellent ratings.

Let me ask you, why wouldn’t you go for the one with zero reviews even if the price is lower than the other one?

Here is the answer, assurity.

The same goes here. When it comes to booking accommodations on  Airbnb, the most crucial factor to consider is the reviews that are left by previous guests. Reviews help as a valuable source of information, and provide insights about the condition of the property, the personality of the host ( Not much necessary but should be considered ), and the overall experience, the list goes on and on.

It’s very important to analyze the rating, reviews or consumer feedback before booking an Airbnb hotel or apartment.

I know Most people have very high expectations when booking rentals just because of the images and videos that the actual host has uploaded on the listings and I think that’s where people scam us by raising our expectancy. That’s where the testimonials and reviews can give you a hand.

I can write on this topic all day long but want to keep it short and to the point.

No Ratings? It’s  New or a Fake Listing

One of the main reasons for a listing with no reviews is that it could be a new or a fake listing. Let me be clear.

First, we have new listings on Airbnb that could be an opportunity for us to be one of the first guests to stay in that property. Now you may be wondering how it can be an opportunity, I’m I, right? Look You started a pizza shop and if you want to get more business you’re definitely going to provide as much value to some of the very few customers, just to have some cool ratings.

The same goes here, if it’s a new listing the hosts may go the extra mile to impress their first guests by offering discounts, taking care of your routine that most of the hosts forget and much more. But, it’s important to remember that these listings have no reviews. You have to think linearly and Without reviews, there’s uncertainty about the quality and reliability of that accommodation.

You can definitely go for newly listed accommodations but first, take every step to verify the listing by contacting the owner, reading the description very carefully, asking for additional images and videos, checking the profile of the host, looking for super host status etc.

On the other hand, you’ll experience fake listings rarely on Airbnb. Although the algorithm of Airbnb is fighting strongly against these scams, it’s impossible to verify millions of listings. So it’s our responsibility to take measures and define by ourselves whether the listing is fake or not.

There are two types of fake listings, One that doesn’t exist and the other one is totally different from the images that are uploaded on the listing. In both cases, you’re going to be scammed.

Here is what to look for catching a fake listing.

First, the prices are going to be very attractive, just to get your attention. For measures, there are two apartments available in Nansen with the same rooms and facilities, one for $1300 and the other one for just $599. Sounds suspicious hah? I’ll discuss it in more depth below.

Next, read the description and if it’s a fake listing the description is going to be very generic (blah blah blah). Check the profile of the hosts and see whether they have completed the verification process or not. In most cases, the hosts are not verified.

The communication of the hosts is going to be fishy, They will just want to catch and eat you. Their words wouldn’t be connected.

Additional tasks after booking

Airbnb is always on the top of my list for booking rentals and accommodations. Around three days ago I was trying to find an affordable apartment. I saw a very luxurious and beautiful small flat. When I opened the listing to know more about it some of the reviews from previous guests were horrible.

They were saying that the host was asking for additional tasks that were not mentioned before. I call it a total scam. This is something that can ruin your stay. We want a safe and tension-free environment with peace of mind.

What would happen if there was no rating and no reviews? I could face some problems but thanks to the people who take their time and write reviews for the help of others. So again reviews are very important.

These are some of the additional tasks that the hosts can ask you.

Imposing restrictions like closing the windows and doors, Cleaning the outdoor grills, Regulations on pets, and handling extensive laundry duties. Recently I saw someone asking to clean up dishes despite charging a cleaning fee, but I hope it could be a fake listing. So if you’re thinking of booking an Airbnb with no reviews you should worry about it.

Anyhow, these kinds of scams are very rare as the competition on Airbnb is increasing day by day and the hosts are providing extra facilities and features to compete and secure more bookings.

According to search logistics, there are more than 4 million hosts on the platform. It’s an opportunity for the guests like us who want more and more facilities in an affordable range.

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Know about easy bookings

Booking on Airbnb should be easy and reliable, without asking for unnecessary documents and information. Some hosts have enabled instant booking options which allow you to book an Airbnb without any hassle.

While Instant Book listings prioritize speed and efficiency, it doesn’t mean that the hosts will not contact you. Hosts can contact the guests after the reservation is confirmed to get additional instructions, answer questions, or address some specific needs. It’s a smart play to read through the description and any messages of the host very carefully to have a smooth check-in process and a pleasant stay.

On the other hand, there are a number of hosts that do not allow quick bookings as they prefer to gather information before confirming the reservation. It can be about the purpose of your booking, whom you’re going to stay with and some other general questions.

Airbnb hosts with no reviews also offer instant bookings, so look around and try to clarify it and make sure to read cancellation policies. Because it’s something where hosts can catch you. Some hosts have very.

Cancellation Policy

When considering a new listing or one with no reviews, all ears to the cancellation policy. Every host has different policies, Some are flexible and some are super strict. You can read this article to know more about cancellation policies. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions associated with cancellations.

If you’re planning to book an Airbnb that has no reviews make sure to read the policies and also never forget to contact the seller for getting more information.

Because if the policies are not aligned with your needs and interests, It can create problems to receive a refund or make changes to your reservation. So familiarise yourself with the host’s refund policy to avoid any hard surprises later on.

If a host has strict cancellation policies and they also have no reviews, never go for it as there are millions of accommodations available to choose from.

Rentals Might Not Match the Pictures

Never fall for a good but fishy description, This is a scam that can happen while booking an Airbnb with no reviews. Let me explain through some examples.

The host is claiming that the property has a beautiful backyard with an immense swimming pool, perfect for outdoor gatherings. However, when you look at the images, you see there is no sign of a backyard or a pool.

Of course, a wise person is not going to do that, in fact, he’ll try something more silly and not noticeable. In most cases, you can easily spot whether it’s fake or not. just compare the description with the images. If the host has no reviews and you are not sure about even 1%. Run, you don’t need to go for it because it should raise a red flag.

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Poor Customer Service Issues

Airbnb customer service

Okay, you got a heart on an Airbnb listing with no reviews yet, Poor customer service could be the problem you will have to face. Because reviews cover everything from the personality of the host to the overall experience.

Most people leave a 1-star review just because of Customer service and how the host behaved with them. In fact, positive interaction with the host impacts significantly the overall environment of a stay. A good host will always take care of your interests and your policies.

My friend engaged with a host who provided him with local recommendations and tips to enhance the stay. Shared her knowledge about nearby attractions, restaurants, transportation options, and hidden gems. It’s called an incident not every host takes customer service so seriously.

So make sure to know about the host and his interactions with consumers.

What I like to do is ask the hosts for any references or reviews outside of Airbnb, It can be on social media platforms, directories, and personal websites. In this way, you may have a better idea about their hosting capabilities and qualities.

Contact the host

If there are no reviews on the listing, it is important to contact the host and ask them considerable questions. Treat this interaction as if you were investigating a friend. Establishing a connection with the host is very important for a more personalized and stress-free experience while protecting yourself from potential scams and misleading information.

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I highly suggest never making a decision before contacting the host, at least once. I’m pretty sure they will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information or clarification you may need. Here are some questions you can ask them.

First Ask about the property’s location, this is the most important one. Request more details about the neighborhood, nearby amenities, transportation, etc. You’ll get a decent idea.

Next ask for clarification on the size and layouts of the property,  the number and size of the rooms. This will help to avoid any surprises when reaching the rental.

Question them about safety and security, Mostly the hosts are very concerned about the security and safety of their guests. You can seek information about room locks, Safety sirens, and aid boxes etc.

Additionally, ask about the payments and cancellation policies. As I explained about cancellation policies, you should contact the host and ask for the policies to avoid any inconvenience.

Keep in mind, Not everyone is a scammer and not everyone is going to provide wrong information, but it’s our responsibility to not get trapped by taking necessary measures.

If the reviews are available then we should not worry too much because, with the help of reviews, we can easily define whether we should go with it or not.

Never forget airbnb cockroaches!

How long you’re going to stay

If you’re staying for a very short period of time then an Airbnb host with no reviews is not a better option for you. Instead, try to find rentals with 4.8 or more ratings.

Some common scams on airbnb.

  • Now it’s time to sum up all the possible misleading ploys and scams on airbnb.
  • Fake images
  • Fake Descriptions
  • Incorrect features and facilities
  • Fishy cancellation policies Asking for additional fees
  • Safety concerns
  • Not taking care of your policies
  • Additional tasks
  • Amenities

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Scammers have no concern with convenience or well-being. Their primary objective is to fool us, get the money and disappear. That’s why they don’t care about any reviews.

Questions in your mind

Is it risky to get an Airbnb with no reviews?
Booking an airbnb with no reviews could be a risky play, as you’re going to be the first to try out the rental. There is always a level of uncertainty when you look at the hosts with no reviews because there is not enough information available.

How can you trust Airbnb?
First, verify the listing, contact the host, and ask for additional images and videos with more details about the location and comforts. More than 2 million bookings are made every day on airbnb which means you can definitely trust airbnb.

What should I ask Airbnb if there are no reviews?

You should ask about additional, images and videos, information about the location and amenities, payment and cancellation policies and what are the facilities available.

Can Airbnb listings be fake?

Airbnb listings with no reviews can be fake but it happens very rarely as airbnb is trying its best to make the platform user-friendly by protecting it from any potential scams and misleading acts.

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