Dealing with Airbnb cockroaches, All the information you need

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I love to read reviews on airbnb because It’s making me more mature about booking rentals. Yesterday I was just skimming through the comments and saw a story of a girl who had a very bad experience on airbnb just because of Airbnb cockroaches.

She said I booked a beautiful rental on airbnb for my travel trip to Thailand. When I reached the house and after taking some rest for 4 hours I saw the biggest cockroach in my life.

So make sure this will never happen to you. Also, I have shared a complete guide on one of the most commonly asked questions, Will Airbnb refund for cockroaches? So stick with MR. Chris to get the answers.

Airbnb Cockroaches, what should I do?

You reached your new rental and you were so tired, to take some rest you entered into the bedroom and there you saw a big cockroach staring at you, I know this could be the worst situation in your life. So the question is, how to hold on and deal with it?

First of all, take a deep breath and without wasting your time contact the host and raise the issue of cockroaches. Tell the host about each and everything. In most cases, the hosts are very communicative and they always try their best for the comfort of their guests, but sometimes they can be very rude and never listen to your problems.

Make sure to allow them enough time to address the situation and keep tracking all the interactions to avoid any misleading ploy and for the sake of evidence.

Report the incident immediately

If the host is not responding, contact airbnb support immediately. If you have taken some images or do you have any other evidence attach them also. Check dark areas like under the sofa, behind the sinks, beneath the door and cabinets you’ll find more cockroaches. Take images and file them to airbnb.

Whether it’s a minor problem or you have seen a group of airbnb cockroaches, contacting airbnb support and complaining to them will help you to solve the problem without worries.

While contacting airbnb support, make your point clear and straightforward because they will ask for proof to support your claims. Take it as a friendly suggestion and inform them about the actual problems.

Why I said that because I remember, when I was in Turkey with my fellow guest, he had some problems in his portion, when he contacted airbnb support instead of telling about the actual issues he was making false claims like the house is so dirty, fans are not working this and that. When the support team asked for proof, he was like dumb and deaf.

So make sure not to do that because it’s never going to help you.

Remember, sometimes It can take 24 hours to get a response from airbnb. That’s why try to contact the host and ask for their help. The host may arrange another house or offer full house cleaning which totally depends on you.

If that happens to me I’ll stay with arranging a new house or rental, but make sure to decide about the fee. You can be tricked there.

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Will Airbnb refund for cockroaches?

If the airbnb is infested with cockroaches then yes, you’ll get your refund, Airbnb has a Guest Refund Policy that outlines the circumstances in which guests may be eligible for a refund. Each case is treated differently. It normally focuses on situations that can impact the experience of a guest, such as health and safety hazards or fake information about the property. Cockroach infestation is considered a health hazard and also it can ruin the whole stay, that’s why there are high chances of getting your money back.

To request a refund, follow the guidelines and submit a detailed refund request through the platform. Never forget to include relevant information about the infestation, your communication with the host, and any evidence like images or videos. As I mentioned earlier be transparent and provide clear information.

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Review cancellation policies and fees

I talk too much about cancellation policies and fees, I have years of traveling experience, booked thousands of rentals and I know these are the important things that can’t be overlooked. Because if anything goes wrong like roaches in your rental, you can immediately ask for cancellation and refunds.

So please make sure to read cancellation policies carefully and contact the host and ask for more pieces of information about these sensitive topics. In the end, the goal is to have a pleasant and peaceful stay.

Commonly airbnb has three types of policies, flexible, moderate and strict respectively. Also never forget the timeline for cancellation. This can be different for each listing.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

Airbnb cockroaches gel

So my vacation rental has cockroaches, How do I get rid of these creatures?

If you have made your decision not to leave the rental then you should know how to prevent roaches from spreading into the area. However, you can ask your host to arrange a full house cleaning.

Here is something that you can do by yourself. Don’t worry I’m not going to share something like chasing those black cockroaches. It’s simple and easy.

1. Using glue strips
The best and fastest way to get rid of cockroaches is Glue Strips or sticky straps These are the adhesive surfaces designed to catch small pests and cockroaches. These traps consist of a flat or folded piece of cardboard, plastic, and other materials coated with a strong adhesive substance.
2. Boric acid
Instead of glue strips, you can also use Boric acid. It can take a while but It works. While using Boric acid never exceed the limit because if you put too much the cockroaches are not going to take it they’ll just walk around it.

Do airbnb hotels have cockroaches?

I have a friend who was living in California he said I never saw a cockroach in my life until I booked a rental for my trip.

But calm down, airbnb rentals have cockroaches but it mostly depends on the location. There will be a higher chance of cockroaches where the environment is going to be warm and humid because roaches live in hot and humid temperatures.

Airbnb does have cockroaches because of not cleaning and maintaining the rental. It’s the responsibility of the host to take care of their houses and make them a friendly and peaceful place for their guests.

If you saw a few, it’s a sign there are more cockroaches hiding inside the walls. Sometimes the owners call you a liar but in this case, they shouldn’t be.

The culprit isn’t always the place itself, roaches might come in from a dirty neighbor’s house but once they are in, It’s the responsibility of the host to get the place properly cleaned and sprayed so it doesn’t get worse. Make sure to check cabinets, towels and sheets, behind sinks, under the sofas, mattresses and kitchen. You might find more. If that happens take images and make videos and send them to AirBnB.

Lastly, I suggest you read reviews before booking on airbnb it’s a goldmine you’ll never regret. I have a dedicated post on why reviews matter, check it out and stay safe from dumb rentals.

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If you have any questions about airbnb cockroaches let us know in the comment section.


Will Airbnb refund for cockroaches?
Yes, They will refund for cockroaches because airbnb refund policies include cases like health hazards and anything that can impact the stay of a guest.

What if I found a cockroach in my Airbnb?

The first step is to contact the hosts immediately and tell them about the situation and if they are lazy contact airbnb support, ask for a refund or change the rental.

Why did I see a roach if my apartment was clean?

They may come by riding your luggage, car, and your belongings. Also, look for gaps, cracks and holes in walls. These are the places where cockroaches love to live.

What scares cockroaches away?
Using roach repellants like Peppermint oil, cypress oil, and cedarwood oil could help very well.

Should I worry if I see one cockroach?
Yeah, you should worry when you see cockroaches because they can cause health problems.

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