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Airbnb split stays

Airbnb Split Stays are defined as booking multiple accommodations or properties within the same location and nearby areas. Instead of staying at a single accommodation, guests can split their time across various destinations. This provides flexibility to experience different cultures, and attractions within a single trip.

Airbnb split stays are amazing. Back in 2015, I had a trip to Malaga and Bilbao. I was in search of a nice airbnb accommodation for my stay, I ran onto my laptop and started searching for it. I thought, how great it would be if there were an option where we could book multiple accommodations during our stay.

Guess what, This problem is solved by airbnb, which is called split stays. Now you can book multiple rentals for your trip with easy transitions. Let’s dive deeper to understand what actually airbnb split stays are. Don’t worry It won’t take more than 7 minutes.

What are Airbnb Split Stays?

We all love to travel with flexibility and that’s what split stays are all about. For the sake of understanding let’s say you are planning a trip to San Francisco and New Orleans for the next 20 days.

From the 1st of September to the 10th, you are going to explore San Francisco. By the way, it’s the best time to visit San Francisco. Anyways, on the 11th of Sep, you’ve to move to New Orleans. Instead of booking separate accommodations, you can utilize split stays to book different properties in different locations during your trip, so you can transition smoothly.

This option is introduced because, when we search accommodations for a specific period of time, maybe 15 to 25 days in a particular city, More likely, there will be nothing available for the selected time frame in that city. So instead of an empty screen airbnb shows you split stays.

In other words, it’s booking more than one property for longer stays. Now you may be wondering what is the difference between split stays and multiple bookings. Don’t worry I’m going to explain it in the next part.

Airbnb automatically suggests split stays. When we’ll search for accommodations in San Francisco airbnb will show up split stays that are not too far away from each other. Maybe one in Fremont and the other one in Santa Monica, This gives you a chance to explore Los Angeles also.

Why did Airbnb Introduce Split Stays?

The biggest reason is an increase in the trends of longer stays. More and more people are showing interest to have a stay for more than 10 days. The other potential reason is remote working. Almost 36% of US employees are working remotely. There was also a need for that, so to stand out and improve the experience of the platform Airbnb introduced split stays.

Difference Between Multiple Bookings and Split Stays

This is something that can make you dizzy, really. You may be thinking, what is the main difference between split stays and booking multiple listings or accommodations one by one? Here is what you need to know.So you have decided about your trip. Now, you have two choices, the first one is multiple bookings manually and the other one is Airbnb split stays.

Multiple bookings mean you make separate reservations for each place you visit. So, if you’re going to different cities, you book a different Airbnb for each city. Each booking is for one place to stay and for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, split stays are defined as booking multiple accommodations in different locations during your trip. It lets you divide your trip into parts and stay in different neighborhoods or cities as a single one.

Booking multiple listings involves separate reservations for each destination, while Airbnb split stays involve transitioning between different accommodations in different locations during your trip. Split stays are all about the flexibility to explore multiple areas.

The choice depends on your travel preferences, the desired level of exploration, and what you love.

If you have gaps between your stays then you don’t have to go with split stays. You can do it manually. The reason for that is the checkout date of your first stay and the check-in date of your second stay will be the same.

Should we use split stays?

There is no reason to ignore spit stays, It has tons of benefits and features that are ideal for travelers like us. In general, we should use split stays but there are some scenarios where split stays don’t make any sense. Below, there is a complete guide on when to consider and when to not.

When to Consider?

If you’re planning a longer stay, then you should prefer split stays. As you will have the flexibility to stay in different accommodations and explore the areas and go through every spot if you want. I know it is hard to have a single accommodation for your month-long stay, who does not want to have a house, villa, and maybe a condo reserved for the stay?

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your friends or companions and every one of you has different preferences then it will be ideal to go for split stays. Most of us may not travel without friends but everyone has different eagers, Some of us love hiking and others may want to have accommodation close to the beach or a beautiful view. So split stays are also very handy there.

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When to not consider?

You may know when to consider, but it is more important to know when we should never consider split stays to avoid any bad experiences and make sure the trip and the stay will be nice and steady.

The first one is when you are planning a short trip, like 2 to 5 days. Of course, if you want you can have it but I’m talking about what’s ideal or what’s not. In this case, we don’t have enough time for packing and transitioning from one accommodation to another. It requires hours to carefully pack and organize the stuff for moving to the next property.

The next one is when you’re traveling with toddlers and young kids. Children feel secure in familiar environments. Staying in the same accommodation throughout the trip provides them with a sense of comfort. We know that traveling can be overwhelming for young kids, due to transportation and environmental changes and lots of other factors as well.

Benefits of Split stays

Let’s summarize some of the main benefits of airbnb split stays.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Easy group traveling

1. Flexibility

I don’t know how many times I have to use this word, As it is one of the main reasons for airbnb to introduce split stays. You’re not stuck in just one place to stay, you can make whatever changes you want without any worries.

When you’re traveling to multiple places, split stays are wonderful. If you find a place that you love, you can spend more time there, and if another spot doesn’t interest you as much, you can move without any hassle. Moreover, Hosts can enhance the stays with well-designed landscaping that can truly transform your experience. Calling all airbnb hosts, for expert landscaping services, check out Lakeville Landscaping.

2. Easy group traveling

This is my personal favorite. Group traveling usually means traveling with friends and a group of people you may know. Friends always argue, I have been traveling with friends since I was a little kid but we never made a decision where we all agree on a point. 

That’s where split stays come to the rescue! Everyone gets to choose what they like, but you can still hang out and have fun together. What’s really great about it is that everyone will be happy. No one feels left out.

Drawbacks of Split stays

There is no doubt it’s a great feature but it also comes up with some minimal drawbacks that should be mentioned here.

  1. Time and Effort
  2. Higher Cost

1. Time and Effort

One of the most significant drawbacks of split stays is the additional time and effort in planning for multiple accommodations. Check-in and check-out times between different accommodations can be a hassle, not for all of us. Moreover, moving from one place to another might involve transportation and logistics, which can take valuable travel time.

Moving to different places might make it hard to feel comfortable. When we stay in one place, like our home, we know where everything is, and it feels cozy. But with split stays, we keep changing to new places, and that can take away the feeling of being at home. It’s like moving house again and again during the trip, which can be a bit confusing.

2. Higher Cost

I don’t see it as a drawback, of course, if we book multiple accommodations that’s going to cost more. So it is important to make arrangements accordingly and never exhaust yourself. There are tons of budgeted options available that you can choose from.

Other than the cost of bookings make sure to note the cost of transportation as well. Moving to a new location might be varying in costs of living, dining, and entertainment, potentially impacting your travel budget.

Most Important

Okay, You understood what airbnb split stays are and when you should consider this option, and when to not. Now let me tell you about the most important step. When airbnb introduced split stays and people started using it, one of the biggest problems they faced was not contacting the host and not understanding the policies of each accommodation separately. I was also one of them.

Whether you’re using it or not you have to consider the policies of an accommodation separately. Different hosts have different rules and regulations for their properties so it is crucial to read the terms and policies, contact the host, and ask about everything that is important to you.

It is also important because we don’t want to get into any trouble during our stay. Assuming, we’re going with the split stays option, We booked two accommodations, one of them allows pets and the other one does not. You just read the description and details of the first one and thought the policies and rules are the same for both, but that is not the case.

So make sure to contact the owner or the hosts of each property and ask relevant questions related to amenities, location, nearby spots, and so on.

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Working of Airbnb Split Stays 

At that point, most of you probably know about split stays. Now let’s see how it actually works with an example. 

You don’t need to enable any option or do anything, it is integrated with search. When you search for a specific location for a longer stay, more than 10 days, Airbnb will show up split stays. Let’s say you’re searching for an apartment in Pittsburgh, instead of showing one location it will show you a related listing also. It can be Ford City or Feneloton.

All the options will be according to your choices, if you’re searching for pet-friendly properties the results for split stays will be pet friendly and with similar night rates as well. Keep in mind the policies will be different for each of them, so never forget to read the descriptions carefully and contact the hosts.

If the listings got your eye you can simply book them one by one. The payment will be separate for each listing.


Don’t ignore this section!

What are Airbnb Split Stays?

Airbnb Split Stays is a feature that allows us to book multiple accommodations for different segments of our trip. This feature offers greater flexibility, enabling guests to explore multiple destinations seamlessly.

How do Airbnb Split Stays work?

Using Airbnb Split Stays, travelers can book various accommodations for different parts of their trip. After entering their travel details, such as dates and locations, guests can browse and book separate accommodations in different cities or neighborhoods all in one booking.

Can I split my stay between different types of accommodations, such as an apartment and a villa?

Absolutely! Airbnb Split Stays allows guests to choose different types of accommodations. You can mix and match stays, from booking an apartment in the city to a villa in the countryside. You can have what you want.

Can I use Airbnb Split Stays for group travel?

Yes, Airbnb Split Stays is a great option for group travel. As I mentioned earlier, Each member of the group can book separate accommodations which allows them to have a personalized experience while traveling together. That’s why I’m loving it.

Can I modify my Split Stays after booking?

Airbnb allows you to modify bookings within certain guidelines. However, it depends on the policies that are set by the hosts. You should read the description and policies carefully whether you are booking split stays or not. Moreover, contacting the host is ideal to avoid any bad experiences.

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