What is a private room on airbnb? All the information you need to know

airbnb private room

It was a very cold night and I was traveling from Kearney to Sioux. Soon my car’s engine started to sound like a trash compactor and I got stuck. It was raining cats and dogs and it was almost impossible for me to get out of the car and try to fix it.

But there was a small house beside the road. I decided to go and asked for help. After exchanging 5 or 6 words the owner gave me permission to come inside the house. He allowed me to stay in a separate room to spend that night. This is the simple meaning of a private room.

What is a private room on airbnb?

If you could not understand the above example let me dive deeper and explain more about it. If a host has a house with 4 rooms, one kitchen, and 2 baths and he does not want to rent a full house.

Instead, he lists each room as a private one. Meaning as a guest you’ll get one private room, no one can enter it without your permission and no one can stay. But you’ll have to share the kitchen, bath, and tv lounge. You’ll get all the basic amenities that will be personal to you.

In other words, It is a room within the property of the host. It can be an apartment, house, or any other type of rental. It’s not booking an entire home, where you have access to the entire property, a private room means you will have your own private space within the home, You’ll share the kitchen, living room, or bathroom with the host or other guests.

How does Airbnb private room different?

There are two types of private listings, the first one is a private room that is explained above and the other one is a private area. Now this is something where you can get into trouble. Last year I booked an airbnb. It’s a private place on a sofa and the host clearly mentioned it as a private room. 

After booking the airbnb, I sent her a message that was my mistake. I should have contacted her before booking, but anyhow when I asked her about more details she said the sofa is in the lounge, damn! I said you have clearly mentioned it’s in a private room. Again no. I asked for a refund and she didn’t care.

Upon contacting the airbnb support team and raising this issue they declared me as wrong. They said that the private room or space does not mean that you’ll get a separate room, it means you will not share the space with other guests or hosts.

So make sure this will not happen to you. If a host has mentioned it as a private room contact him and seek for more information.  

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Benefits of Choosing an Airbnb Private Room

Private rooms have a lot of benefits, from flexibility to personalized experience. These types of rentals and accommodations have too much to offer. That’s why I and my friends prefer to have a private room on airbnb instead of a shared or entire property. These are the benefits of airbnb private rooms.

  1. Affordability
  2. Social Connections
  3. Great insights
  4. Scam protection

Remember, If the host or other guests are not staying in the property then you may not have some of these benefits. 

1. Affordability

The first and most amazing benefit of airbnb private rooms is that they are very affordable and full of amenities. You’ll find spas, gyms, pools, and wifi at a budgeted price. Although there are some privacy concerns, still a private room is the best option. 

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Later, You can spend these savings on other aspects of your trip, such as dining out, exploring local attractions, or engaging in unique experiences.

2. Social connections

Do you love meeting with other people around the world, making friends from different cities and places, and sharing cultural traditions? If yes then airbnb private rooms are the go to option.

It’s going to be an amazing experience if you find someone who is funny in nature and loves to explore with other people. It does not matter if you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or a group of friends. When you’ll explore with other fellow guests and hosts, I guarantee you’ll remember your stay forever.

3. Great insights

When I need to buy something about which I have no knowledge, I ask my fellows or request someone who is an expert in that and they help me to choose the best and not get into misleading acts. Fellow guests and hosts in Airbnb private rooms can do this favor for you.

There are 80% chances you’ll have a nice fellow guest or host while living in airbnb. They’ll share their thoughts on local attractions, restaurants, some places you must visit, and common scams in that area. So What do you want more? 

4. Scam protection

I’ve traveled to every part of the world and each city and area has unique ways to scam people, you may be aware of that. This is the most disturbing part of traveling abroad.

With airbnb private rooms, your fellow guests and hosts who have firsthand experience in the local area can provide you with great insights about scams and ploys.  You should engage them and try to build some nice relations. Their guidance will save you from hundreds of misleading acts.

In Spain, there is an area where you will see a lot of magic tricks, and actually, all of them will be a total scam. Even a young boy spotted them and there was a big fight out there. But my fellow guest made me aware of that so I got myself safe.

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Factors to Consider When Booking an Airbnb Private Room

So you made up your mind to go for an Airbnb private room. Now what are some factors that you should consider while booking private spaces or rooms?

Most important

In case you haven’t read something very important that I have mentioned above, let me explain again. If a host declared a private room in a listing that does not mean it’ll be a proper bedroom. It can be a lounge or a converted area in the property.

I shared my experience when I booked a rental where the host clearly mentioned that it’s a private room but after booking I contacted her, and she said it was a lounge. So make sure to avoid these kinds of scams.

The most interesting part of it is when I contacted the airbnb support team they said a private room does not mean bedrooms, it can be anything but will be private. I hope you’ll learn from my mistakes.


The next step is to look for prices, compare listings with each other, and use airbnb filters to get the results that you want. Make sure to find accommodation that fits in your budget. There are tons of listings available. Just be patient and keep exploring.


Do you wish to book an apartment with no shampoo, bath towels, sheets, or all other basic amenities? If not then this is what you’ve to look for. In my previous post, I shared a common scam on airbnb. Hosts do not list these amenities in the description but when you enter the apartment you’ll see those towels and sheets. But now there is no need because you have your own stuff.

So it’s crucial to ask your host about these amenities because they want you to come up with everything.

Host profile and interaction

If you’re booking an airbnb private room just by analyzing the listing then you can be in trouble, as there are millions of listings and scams on airbnb at an all-time high. Scam does not mean fake listings. if a host says, a beautiful garden is right there for a morning walk but actually, it is too far.

Here you have to look for the host’s profile. Read reviews, years of experience, background, and every piece of information that is available. You can also look for super host status, which is only awarded to the shots who are so good in the business. They take care of their guests and do their best for an amazing stay.

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Cancellation policy

You booked an airbnb but later your plan was canceled, will you get your money back? most of the time no there is no chance. But if you had read the cancellation policies at least you’ll not be surprised. Before making bookings a private room on airbnb read the cancellation policy carefully.  


What does a private room mean on airbnb?

A private room means a room or a space within the host’s property. In private rooms you have only access to the space no one can enter in without your permission.

What is the difference between a shared room and a private room?

On airbnb Shared room is a space where you and other guests or hosts will share the room, kitchen, and bath with each other. On the other hand, private rooms are a better option for security and privacy as you don’t have to share the room but still, the kitchen and bath can be used by anyone.

What are private rooms used for?

A private room is a better option if you’re on a business trip and you want more privacy and security. Instead of booking an entire apartment, you can find a perfect Private room according to your needs.

What is a private bathroom in an apartment?

On airbnb, there are some apartments where you’ll get attached bathrooms to your room which is called a private bathroom.

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