How many towels for airbnb? | With useful tips

How many towels for airbnb

You guys are lucky enough to find this helpful guide on how many towels you need for Airbnb. I’ll be sharing my experience and some advice from superhosts. It’s going to be quick and straight to the point. Before getting on to it, I would like to tell you that I’ll share a few strategies that will be good to know for a new host. Let’s dive into it.

How many towels for Airbnb

Most of you are here to get the answer quickly without taking advice or useful tips. So, here it is. I found one bath towel, one hand towel, and a stack of washcloths perfect for making your guests happy, and have no issue regarding towels. Most of the guests store the extra towels in the cupboard or a safe, and I’ve seen tons of stories where guests used extra towels.

That’s why it’s very important to keep your cupboard locked. On the other hand, you can have a washing machine and a dryer to allow guests to clean their towels. If the guests are going to stay for longer then you can add a few extra towels if needed.


Here is a tip straight from Shiela who is a superhost on Airbnb. She stated that put a sign, notice board, or simply write down in the entry checklist “To have a green and eco-friendly environment, we provide 2 towels per guest. If you need more you can ask us without hesitation.”

This is the best thing you can do to have a great impact on your guests and by keeping the cost of expenses lower. Thanks to Sheila.

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Understanding Guest Expectations

Now we have already talked about how many towels you need in general, let’s understand when and why you would need more. 

Type of your Airbnb Property

The number of towels required depends heavily on the type of rental you offer. For spacious vacation homes, it’s crucial to provide an ample supply of towels. Imagine a family or group of friends renting a vacation home for a week.

In such cases, guests are likely to use towels for various purposes, such as after swimming, daily showers, and even for outdoor activities. Having a generous quantity would make your guests feel comfortable and well-catered throughout their stay.

Location Matters

The geographic setting plays a crucial role in determining how many towels you should provide. Here’s a breakdown of why and how the location of your Airbnb property can influence your towel game.

If your Airbnb is nestled by the beach, you’re likely to welcome guests who are eager to soak up the sun and sea. When I say sandy toes and salty waves, it means beach towels. Visitors to beachside properties tend to require more towels for various purposes such as drying off after a swim, lounging on the shore, or even cleaning off sandy feet before heading indoors. It also depends on how much you’re charging per night. 

On the other hand, Properties in or near business districts often attract business travelers. These guests may have specific hygiene preferences or might require additional towels due to work-related activities, like attending meetings or conferences.

So in conclusion, you have to do a bit of research and then pick the ideal number of towels that’s going to fit perfectly according to your needs.

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