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How to Promote Airbnb Listing

So you just started on airbnb and simply listing your properties on airbnb is not working for you and you’re wondering how to promote airbnb listings, well, Here is a complete strategy for you to get the attention of your potential guests. Here’s what we’ll walk away with.

  1. How to leverage Youtube
  2. How to leverage social media
  3. How to leverage search engine marketing

How to leverage YouTube

Every one of us knows what YouTube is. A popular video-sharing platform with billions of monthly views and that’s where the opportunity lies. If you’re not getting bookings on airbnb, start creating YouTube videos. You don’t need to overcomplicate it. Pick up your phone, turn on the camera, and make a nice video of your property and its surroundings. 

Make sure to keep repeating the process and educate yourself with YouTube SEO because that’ll help you a lot. The fastest way to grow your airbnb business through YouTube is to get help from a well-known and result-driven YouTube marketing agency like Lenostube.

How to leverage social media

Look, you see dozens of business profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok that are sharing posts related to their work and sharing their success stories. The question is why are you not?

Promoting your Airbnb listing on social media is like giving your property a digital megaphone to reach more potential guests. The moment you create your profile on airbnb, you should create business profiles on social media platforms as well. Make it your habit, Hang around there and interact with communities and you’ll get huge exposure.

Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags to get exposure. Things like #Airbnb, #TravelGoals, or location-specific tags are going to work well. Engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages. Share local tips, highlight positive guest experiences, and publish user-generated content, like guest photos or reviews. 

You can also try social media ads and target the people who can be your potential guests.

How to leverage search engine marketing

Hey, I want to visit North Carolina, what are the best places there? Go and ask Google, my friend. That’s what search engine marketing is. If you don’t know how to promote airbnb listings, try this. For example, you have listed your property on airbnb and it’s in Sarasota. 

After making your listings, go to Google ads, start a search ad campaign on the keyword “short-term rentals in Sarasota” and Google will place you in front of everyone who searches for that phrase or keyword. Make sure to build a landing page to drive traffic.

Having your own website will have a great impact on your rental business. 


So we explored some simple and powerful methods for promoting airbnb listings. The most valuable tip will be to think long-term. Utilize all of the platforms and share your listings and properties, engage with your community, and try to build relationships with them. 

On top of it, don’t just rely on airbnb. Explore other options as well.

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