Do airbnbs provide towels and sheets? Know this.

do airbnbs have towels and sheets

Short Answer!

The answer to Whether an Airbnb host provides towels and sheets is not a simple yes or no. It totally depends on the host.  Some hosts are so careful about getting good ratings and reviews, as it can impact on their reputation, that’s why they provide you with a cool hand towel,  bath towel, and nice sheets.

We were just sitting after having a hard lunch and one of my friends started talking about Vrbo. Speaking truly, I’m not a big fan of it but it’s cool. Soon a debate started between me and him. At one point he asked me, Do airbnbs have towels? I was stuck.

If you’re also thinking, do Airbnb hosts provide towels and sheets? You should read this article as I’m sharing my personal experience with some cool tips.

If someone asks, can you live one day without your red towel? For sure I’m gonna smash his face. Towels and sheets are some of the basic needs and are crucial in our daily routine.

Does airbnb provide towels and sheets?

Nowadays if you plan a trip, the first thing that comes into your mind is Airbnb. No doubt it’s the best platform for booking apartments and rentals. But, as more and more people list their homes for rent, it’s quite hard to choose which is the best for a peaceful stay.  So it’s important to know about some of the basic amenities in airbnb.
As I said earlier It’s their choice to provide you with amenities. In most cases, you’ll get a decent hand towel and sheet but never expect something like Wakefit or KSC you’ll be disappointed.

If a host includes towels and sheets in amenities then you’ll definitely have it, but make sure to confirm with the host by contacting him and reading reviews. If you are booking a rental in European countries then It’s unlikely to have towels and bed sheets.

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I always force people to have a chat with their hosts before booking rentals or apartments whether it’s airbnb or any other platform. It’s the first step of avoiding mishaps like ruining your beautiful and peaceful night.  I hope you guys got the point.

What I experienced is that Airbnb works superbly for individual travelers and for short-term bookings. Because mostly they are aware of these situations and always have a backup.

Leave no Doubt!

If you’re a regular visitor of Ezrentalliving you should know that I talk too much about communicating with hosts and not leaving any kind of doubts on the table.

Have a discussion about all the amenities, policies, safety and security and some local tips and experiences just for having know how.

Do you bring towels and sheets to airbnb?

I personally prefer bringing my own towels to airbnb, cuz I don’t take risks of not having these items when I reach my bookings. Some of you may be worried about weight and dragging the luggage.

For those who prefer to get the towel from the hosts just contact them and ask them if they have not included it in the amenities they will include it because they don’t want to miss a guest because of towels that are just for five bucks.

The same goes with sheets contacting the host and confirming with them about all the basic amenities. One thing to remember here is to ask for the quality of the towels and sheets.

Some hosts may provide high-quality cotton towels and sheets but there is also a chance of getting a low-quality polyester.

So make sure to have clear, concise, and straightforward communication.

how many towels for airbnb?

If you decide to bring your own towels and you hate to carry dirty linens with you, especially on holiday, then this question should come to your mind, How many towels do you need for airbnb?

For airbnb you may need four bath towels with two hand towels and two washcloths or keeping it short you need two sets of towels. Before finalizing it, think about the length of your stay.

This is just a general suggestion for a two-night stay. There are some other factors you may consider like the location and environment of the rental.

On the other hand, if your host is providing towels as amenities you should ask them about the number of towels and the materials. Again stay away from polyester towels. I consider it as the worst fabric for the skin.

How many bath towels do you need?

The Right number of towels is like completing a gang. A gang should not be completed with just one or two members, likely One or two towels are not going to get the jobs done.

So how many bath towels do you need? Get one in use, one for closest and one for wash. Make sure to have a space for other items as well so you won’t leave anything at the airport like what happened with Kevin McCallister in home alone. Amazing vibes right?

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Best color towels for airbnb

Do you know colors always have a huge impact on our moods and feelings? Red and orange have warm feelings, Green and blue have cool vibes, and so on.

Choosing the wrong towel color should be considered an unfair act with yourself. Since it can make a difference. So what’s the right color for towels?

Before deciding about the best towel colors please consider your surroundings, what kind of feelings or vibes do you want?

If you want to have a safe play consider white color towels, because these can match any decor color scheme and white always has a feeling of luxury. Besides you can also look for grey red/orange or light green.

Light colors will have a more beautiful look than dark colors. It’s just a general rule of thumb, make sure to match it with your airbnb rental or house.

For bathrooms, White and blue color towels create a minimalist modern, and satisfying look.

Check our detailed guide on the best towels for airbnb.

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How often do hosts wash towels and sheets?

No one is more concerned about cleaning than airbnb guests. Am I right? Sharing a little incident, we have a friend named Alex who had a booking on airbnb. When he reached for a towel it was printed on the towel “ washed more than 50 times” I hope you got the point.

Hosts wash towels and sheets before the arrival of every guest. You may experience having new towels and sheets from Superhost as they charge more than normal hosts. Anyhow It’s also recommended to wash clothes after using it 3 times.


Yes, Airbnb hosts do provide towels and sheets, but It’s highly recommended to read the description carefully and ensure to contact the host for detailed information. You may not have had these facilities two or three years ago but due to the increase in competition airbnb hosts are providing more and more facilities for a better experience so they can stand out from the rest.

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What You asked!

Are towels supplied in Airbnb?

Yes, Airbnb Hosts are responsible for providing soap, towels, sheets and other amenities that can improve the experience of the guest.

Do I have to wash towels before leaving Airbnb?

Not necessary but it’s a great act and can be appreciated by the host. So before leaving airbnb have a washing machine around,  clean towels, and sheets.

Will you get beach towels on Airbnb?

If you have a pool or beach near to your rental you may get a beach towel.

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