Do airbnb wash comforters? Truth revealed.

do airbnb wash comforters

Short Answer

Yes, Airbnb do wash comforters and all other bedding stuff. In most cases, You’ll find a neat and clean environment. Sometimes you may experience stains and dust on duvets and comforters due to the laziness of the hosts.

Do airbnb wash comforters? Here is a straight answer with some facts that I discovered through my experience.

When booking on airbnb, we may have some concerns with cleanliness and sometimes it gets worse. You can save yourself from these issues by reading this post where I am going to share my 30 years of rental living experience.

Airbnb has quite strict policies for maintaining the level of cleanliness, laundry, and comfort for their guests. Most of the time hosts take it seriously and do their best to clean and wash the dirty stuff including bedding, linens, towels, sheets, and comforters. but sometimes they get lazy like a snail EWW.

One thing to remember here is, AIrbnb never checks the property physically. They have made the rules and asked the hosts to follow them. It’s do or die for hosts when airbnb catches them they will surely regret it. Their listing and properties will be removed from the platform.

Here is all you need to know about comforters in airbnb.

Do airbnb wash comforters?

Yeah, Oftenly you’ll find neat and clean comforters in airbnb with cool bedding and duvet. You’ll see zippers or maybe buttons. Anyway, at the moment, we are talking about, do airbnb wash comforters.

Hosts should clean and wash these items because they can get bed bugs, lice, scabies, and most importantly some nice curves. Just kidding!

As I stated earlier, Airbnb wants their guests to be satisfied and for that, they don’t give a chance to hosts. Therefore hosts have to make sure everything looks nice and spotless.

Airbnb hosts wash comforters and duvets after every week or after three days. I have noticed some hosts wash comforters and bedding stuff before every guest arrives. So it’s acceptable.

There are some hosts who don’t care about cleaning and washing, the only thing they love is just money with some nice reviews on their listings. So beware of them!

The approach of the hosts to Comforter Washing

So we know airbnb do wash comforters, duvets, quilts, etc. Now the question is what’s their approach?

I caught a host who was having a fluid-proof comforter and he had not washed it for more than 3 bookings, could you imagine? This is the approach of some hosts.

Whenever I talk about a fact it does not apply to all of them, in fact, the level of hospitality you have on airbnb is totally unmatched. It’s my responsibility to make sure that you get something informative through my content.
It’s not always necessary for the hosts to wash bedding after every guest.

I remember when my friend started the Airbnb business he was doing an amazing job and he never worried about washing all the amenities each and every time.

Actually, he had nice zippered protectors for keeping the pillows, and for the mattresses, he was using a waterproof double bag.

So we could say some hosts are using this strategy. Anyhow, As a general rule hosts should do a nice run of cleaning after every guest. As clean bedding promotes hygiene, reduces the risk of allergies, and creates a more pleasant sleeping environment.

Considerations for sensitive skin

Some people have very sensitive skin, for those, I would highly suggest contacting the host and asking him for personalization. It includes special sheets, towels, comforters, etc. In fact, it would be more beneficial if you arrange these items on your own because no one is going to take care of you more than yourself.

In this situation avoid properties with no reviews. If you have any health issues go for superhosts you’ll find them super helpful and much more gentle than normal hosts.

Traveling guides for sensitive skin.

Insights from reviews and feedback

As I gave a little hint about reviews now let’s dive deeper. Reviews are the backbone of any property that is listed on airbnb. For some people, it does not matter but I consider it as a first step for having a peaceful stay.

If you are so careful fro having well-washed and neat comforters consider reading reviews even if you just booking for a night just read reviews you’ll get your answers.

Reviews and ratings provide us with clear facts and insights about the property, We do know about the nature of hosts, actual amenities and neighbors. If a property has 30 reviews with above 4.6 ratings, you can definitely have it without any worries as you know everything is perfect.

So keeping it short, If you can’t afford never go for a listing with no reviews. It may be due to a shorter period of time so don’t take it in another sense. Anyhow I hope you got the point.

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Commonly asked questions.

Do you wash bedding at Airbnb?

I prefer doing it at home, Cuz it’s a hard play and should be washed at high temperatures to remove the germs more efficiently.

How often do you wash the bedding at an Airbnb?

As a host, it’s recommended to wash the bedding between hosts. 

Do hotels wash the comforter after every guest?

You may be surprised but it’s true many hotels do not wash and clean the duvets and comforters after every guest. It also depends on the types and quality of comforters.

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