Airbnb early check-in. A smooth way

Airbnb early check-in

So you want to kick start the journey and get those extra hours into the adventure. Your excitement is on the next level. You got the ticket, packed your luggage, and arrived at airbnb.

But wait there, what happened if the host did not allow you to check in? Will you stand still for hours? But somehow you are in the situation, find a safe place for your luggage and start exploring the city if you’re not tired.

There are two reasons for early check-in. The first one is, if you arrived early due to various circumstances and you’re so tired then most likely the hosts will allow you. The second one is You’re eager to get more hours to explore that’s why you want an Early check-in.

Read this article I tried my best to point out every aspect of airbnb early check-in through my personal experience.

11 guests out of 100 ask for early check-in.

Can I Check in early with airbnb?

Airbnb allows early check in

Yes, Airbnb allows early check-in, But it depends on the hosts. If they allow early check-in you can go for it. There are several factors that can impact the decision of the hosts. Like they may have to deal with other guests, cleaning schedules, and much more.

So it’s important to have a prompt chat with your host to avoid any mishap. Most of them will allow for early check-in. Whenever I need one, I say hello. Could you please allow me to check in early because I have a problem? Other than that you can also offer an additional fee which is a compulsory part of airbnb early check-in and without it, the hosts are not going to allow you. Some greediness.

Requesting an early check-in

You got the answer, now it’s time to ask the host to allow early check-in.

1. Communicating with the Host

Press the contact button and ask for early check-in, make sure to be polite and humble. Keep in mind if they realize you are in a situation where you can do nothing, they may take advantage and ask for a huge fee. So make sure to be polite and react normally.

2. Offer additional fee

Offer an additional fee by yourself, don’t let them ask for a fee. You can offer something that’s in a midrange not too high nor too low.

3. Positive reviews

Next, you can mention positive reviews somewhere while you’re chatting, this could be the turning point. Hosts are very curious about positive reviews, make sure to not offer directly. If the host allows you an early check then consider it as a favor not a normal act.

This is how I ask for early check-in

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Things to keep in mind

These are the points that should not be overlooked while asking for an Early check-in.

  1. Will hosts provide instructions?
  2. Is 24/7 early check-in available?
  3. Airbnb policies on early check-in
  4. Airbnb early check-in fee

01. Will hosts provide instructions?

If you got approved for early check-in then it’s their responsibility to provide you with all the information and instructions for a smooth and hassle-free arrival. It can include time, directions, and the check-in process.

If you’re traveling to a densely populated area where it can be challenging to identify your rental property, I highly suggest you ask for detailed directions from the hosts. It can lead to unnecessary trouble and inconvenience during your journey.

Detailed directions can include landmarks, nearby points, specific building or unit numbers, and any distinctive features that can help you easily identify the property. If possible, never forget to get some transportation information. Especially for places where you have no idea.

02. Is 24/7 early check-in available?

Most of you may be thinking that it’s a foolish act to write on this topic but this question has been asked many times. Of Course, it’s not available. Each guest has its policies with different early check-in times. You can’t go at any time for early check-in.

There is no fixed early check-in time to mention here. Airbnb allows hosts to have personalized times.

I read about a person who did the same and guess what? The host canceled his booking and he had to book another hotel after waiting for 3 hours. Not all of the hosts are the same but we have to realize their problems also.

Before booking on airbnb make sure to carefully read and understand what the hosts want. If you take care of them I guarantee they will make your stay amazing. Not blunders sharing my personal experience.

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03. Airbnb policies on early check-in

Airbnb has simple and straightforward policies whether it’s about timing, cancellation, or early check-in. On their main website, it’s clearly stated that if a host allows early check then you can but if he or she does not allow then you can’t. Sounds simple.

04. Airbnb early check-in fee

There will be an additional fee for early check-in. Rarely, some hosts will not charge you but commonly you’ll have to pay. It can be anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on the hosts.

Here reviews play an important role. I highly suggest you never make a booking without reading reviews. You’ll find everything related to the property, amenities, hosts, and location.

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Early check-in availability factors


Around two months ago, I booked an airbnb, everything was nice and settled but due to some reason, I needed to check in early. I asked her to allow me but she did not, even though I was paying her $50 in additional fees.

She provided me with some factors that I want to share with you guys so you may understand the problems of the hosts.

1. Host scheduling

Scheduling is the key factor that the hosts have to look after while allowing us to check in early. They may have personal responsibilities, routines, and meetings. Some hosts have back-to-back bookings that’s why they would be unable to provide you with early check-ins. In this case, we should respect their policies.

2. Cleaning and preparation

Cleaning of the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms is already scheduled. Most of the hosts have signed monthly or quarterly contracts with cleaning companies. This is the reason that you’ll hear from the hosts.

3. Are hosts comfortable with Early check-in?

Most of them are not until you offer an additional fee. But if the situation is hard for them like the previous guest has to check out or they have cleaning work going on, they will never allow you, No matter how much you pay.

Again you can communicate with airbnb hosts to allow you, be frank, and explain your circumstances.

What to Do if Early Check-In Isn’t Possible?

What to do if early check in is not available

That’s my favorite part. Here is what you can do.

Luggage storage

In case the hosts do not allow early check-in, ask them to provide you with luggage storage or safely place them in the store or somewhere else. Most of the time they will corporate but if not simply search on Google, for luggage storage near me. You will find something very reasonable.

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Explore nearby attractions

The luggage problem is solved, now it’s time to explore nearby attractions, It’s always so exciting especially somewhere you have not traveled before. Take some pictures to share with your friends and family. Enjoy good vibes.

Head over to public spaces

If you’re so tired and you have no energy to explore and fun find a library, community center, or a place where you can take a rest. You’ll find all the basic amenities including wifi. So no hassle. Make sure to keep your important items secure.

Lastly, If the host does not allow to check in early be humble and never do something that can give the host a chance to take legal action against you. Read this post to know more about whether a host can sue you or not.

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Does Airbnb charge for early check-in? 

Yes, airbnb does charge for early check-in, it can cost from $25 to up. So make sure to have clear and transparent communication with the host. Before booking a property it’s recommended to read reviews.

Can I leave my luggage at the property before the official check-in time?

Yes, you can leave your luggage before the check-in time but that depends on the policies of the hosts. If they don’t allow it then you can’t. You have to find luggage storage to securely place your stuff.

Can I request early check-in before making a reservation?

you cannot request early check-in before making a reservation on Airbnb. You can only request once you have confirmed your reservation and you are in direct communication with the host.

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