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Can i book an airbnb for someone else

Short Answer

Booking an Airbnb for someone else is not a hard task. It’s easy. To book a room or an apartment for any other person, ask your host first, and provide him with the email, name, and any other important documents. Read terms and policies carefully. Make sure to have a clear idea about the check-in process. You’re done.

Before getting started you should know that there are two cases for booking Airbnb for someone else. One for registered users and the other for non-registered users. Each one of them is treated differently and has different policies. In general, yes, you can book airbnb for other people.

Booking  airbnb for someone else

Do you want to surprise your friends, family, and any other person you love or do you want to help someone and make their life easier? Booking a beautiful airbnb in Lazio would be a great choice and they’ll definitely love it. But wait, you might be wondering, can I book an airbnb for someone else? Yes, you can. It’s not as complicated as you think.

Behold, I’m going to share my personal experience of booking hotels and apartments on behalf of others.. By the end of this post, you’ll be a great gift giver ( looks not easy to pronounce lol ). I hope you’ll like the deal.

By the way, I booked a small apartment in Lazio for my friend who was having a bad time, you can guess what would have happened. Anyhow, let’s break the ice.

Can I book an Airbnb for someone else?

Yes, you can easily book an airbnb for someone else. If you’re a frequent buyer on airbnb and you have booked a number of rentals then you may get discounts and offers. So it could also be a reason for booking Airbnb for someone. Airbnb provides easy and hassle-free policies for booking apartments for friends, families, and for anyone else.

Some people may have questions like, Can I book a room for someone else? No need to be worried, You can.

methods for booking an aribnb for someone else

How to book an airbnb for someone else?

There are some steps and important considerations that you don’t want to miss. First, you will need their email ( for whom you’re booking ) and their name. Second, you’ll have to enable the work travel option from the account section and confirm with your work or business email.

Third, add the email and name of the person, make sure to double-check the email because sometimes we’re in a hurry and things may get wrong. So after that, a confirmation will be sent to their email.

The fourth step is to reserve bookings for them and after that, the host can be directly in contact with the third person. Now you can go because there is no need for you. All the things can be done between them.

Note: The person should have a valid form of identification, they may be asked for that also. Keep it in your travel box.

Airbnb Split Stays

Can you book an Airbnb for someone who is not registered on Airbnb?

Now turn the page, can I book an airbnb for someone who doesn’t have an account on airbnb? Is it possible? Yes, you can book an Airbnb for someone who is not registered on Airbnb. That sounds interesting.

As a registered user, you can book rooms and hotels on behalf of others without any leg work, even if they do not have an Airbnb account. During the booking process, you will need to provide the guest’s information, such as their name and contact details, and email. It’s important to complete the reservation, you know well.

Never forget to communicate effectively with the host and ensure that they are aware of the booking details and any relevant information. As you’ll be responsible for any mishap.

Most of the time hosts are not comfortable with this. They want to know about their guest’s behavior and some background details. So provide them with everything they need for a better experience and peaceful stay for your colleague.

Do airbnb hosts allow third-party bookings?

Credits airbnb

Airbnb hosts have no problem with third-party bookings as the guest you are booking for is registered on airbnb. If they are not registered,  hosts will think about the consequences they have to face.

Many hosts will say no. They don’t want to hear about third-party booking, maybe due to bad experiences they may have had in the past. In that case, it depends on your skills, give them confidence and make them say yes, No problem.

Try to be transparent and provide accurate information, such as the purpose of the stay and any other information that can impact your experience.

Airbnb’s rules on booking for someone else?

The platform has a straight policy, All the bookings should be made by the guests so the hosts can read reviews and check for profiles. It makes clear that the person should have a profile on airbnb.

Actually, it’s just a general policy. There is no such rule that clearly states to avoid bookings for other persons or work as a third party.

You can easily make bookings through the process I shared above but never forget to provide all the necessary documents and details without playing hide and seek. Always make sure to follow the rules that the hosts set otherwise he can sue you.

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Can I give my airbnb to someone else?

What happens if you booked an apartment in the center of Burlington but due for some reason you are unlucky to make the trip. Now you are wondering whether it is possible to transfer your airbnb to someone else or not.

The good news is yes you can and it’s like eating a pineapple. The only problem here is if a host does not allow it then you can’t transfer it to another person. Read reviews to get answers to most of your questions. So if you are good at making people agree like me, then it’s not a big issue. Most of the time hosts will allow because they care about review, More than I care about my lawn.

You have to follow all the rules and regulations. Occasionally hosts may ask for extra fees or payments so having clear and transparent communication will help a lot.

Contact the host and tell him or her that you’re unable to check in or stay. That’s why could you please transfer my booking to my friend? Surely your problem will be solved.

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Any restrictions on booking for someone else?

No, there are no restrictions. Just follow the rules. If you want to book for any other person just ask your host. If they agree then you can go for it. Again, never forget to provide accurate information.

Hosts have a right to ask you, why are you booking for someone else? You should have a solid answer if you get a little silly they will never allow you. Be confident and hit the road.

Does the person who booked the hotel have to check in?

If you’re booking for a different individual, this is a question you have to ask the host. Around 70% understand that the person who booked the accommodation may not be there for check in. They may allow some alternatives like self-check-in using a lockbox or keypad, key pick-up from a specific location, or meeting with co-hosts or authorized representatives.

airbnb check in

On the back side of a note, some hosts may not offer alternative check-ins. They have a strict policy and want a person to be physically present for the check-in process. I know it’s a total hassle but it’s important for the host to personalize your experience.

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Is it possible to add additional guests to my booking?

Surely you can add additional guests to your booking. You’ll need to pay an extra fee and have to clear some documents. Before proceeding, contact the hosts and ask themselves if they allow additional guests then go for it.

Can you book two Airbnb’s at the same time?

Booking multiple Airbnb accommodations is not a big deal. You can do so. It’s very handy when it comes to booking for your friends and family or any other person without dealing with cancellation problems.

Things to remember.

  • Communicate with the host and inform them about multiple bookings. They may have a personalized check in and check out process for you.
  • Enter the correct date and times and don’t be in a hurry you can get into problems.
  • Lastly, read the terms and most crucial cancellation policies in cases you cannot appear.

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Book an Airbnb as a travel Gift.

Have you ever heard about gift cards? It’s super cool. Now you can buy airbnb gift cards and send them to your loved one as an amazing travel gift. If you already have a travel card but you think it’s not the right time to redeem it, don’t worry these cards won’t expire so you can wait for the perfect moment to happen.

What I like about Booking an Airbnb as a gift is it allows the recipient to customize their travel experience. They can explore a vast range of accommodations available on the platform, including cozy apartments, charming cottages, luxurious villas, or unique and unconventional spaces.

It’s truly a meaningful gift that the recipient will remember forever.

Is it possible to book an Airbnb with someone else’s credit card?

If your card is not working don’t put your hands on the head because Booking an airbnb with someone else’s credit card is possible. Just follow the simple steps.

After getting permission from the cardholder, find your dream apartment, and add a new payment. Then enter the cardholder’s name, email, and card number. You’re all done. Airbnb may ask for further verification but only if they feel anything fishy. Be ready for that.

I prefer using an alternative, airbnb gift card. It’s more convenient, easy to understand, and also hassle-free.

Guests break rules during their stay. What will happen?

You booked an airbnb for your cheeky friend who loves to break rules and laws, maybe he had no problems doing that outside of airbnb but when he does this in airbnb apartments he’ll be in trouble. As airbnb hosts can sue guests and file a suit against them. It can cause serious consequences.

If you made this booking through your profile it’ll have a huge impact and you may get banned on airbnb. Be careful and don’t do favors to persons you know are likely going to do something disturbing. I hope it’ll help you.

Airbnb alternatives for booking on behalf of others

It’s not to book an airbnb for someone else but if you don’t like airbnb you can move over to these platforms as well.
Vrbo is my personal favorite after airbnb. It’s great for booking rentals and accommodations for someone else. It’s a little cheaper than airbnb that’s why Vrbo could be a great choice. comes second, One of the earliest platforms for booking online. It’s very convenient and user-friendly.

Best places for booking airbnb for someone else

1.Urban Escape:

Barcelona, Tokyo, and our own New York City

2.Tropical Paradise:

Maldives, Bali

3.Cultural Immersion:

Turkey, Spain

4.Nature Retreats:

New Zealand, Pakistan.

Common Question

1. How Do I Book an Airbnb for Someone Else?

To book an airbnb for someone else you can try two methods. The first one is airbnb gift cards and the other one is just asking the hosts, If they allow you to easily book accommodation for other persons. Never forget to enter their information and details.

2. Can you book Airbnb without an account?

No. It’s not possible unless you can ask someone who has an account on airbnb to do it for you. Airbnb doesn’t allow bookings without having an account. In Fact, you can’t contact the hosts without creating a profile. 

3. Can I make a booking for someone else on

Yes, you can make a booking on for someone else. It’s a great alternative to airbnb. During the reservation process, There is an option to provide the guest’s details, such as their name and contact information where you can add the details of the other person.

4.Is there a fee for booking an Airbnb for someone else?

No, Airbnb does not charge an additional fee for booking on behalf of someone else. The booking fees and all the service charges are based on the total reservation cost. It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking for yourself or for someone else.

Putting the ice in a jug! ( Conclusion )

You can book an airbnb for someone else whether they are registered or not. You can use both methods to get the job done. If you’re on airbnb, communication with the hosts will solve all of your problems.

Whenever you are stuck and have problems just contact the host and ask for guidance and most of the time your problem will be solved. Take it easy, It’s so simple and don’t worry your money will never go anywhere if you read the terms and conditions carefully.

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