Ants in Airbnb | what to do

Ants in airbnb

When you see thousands of ants in airbnb crawling one after another and parading like an army, You might remember the stings that you got in your childhood. Now, you’re going to book an airbnb or you already did but you noticed ants in your airbnb and thinking about what to do now. This guide is just for you as I’ve shared some personal experiences and proven methods to deal with this situation.

Make sure to read it at the end so you get all of the juice and may avoid booking the wrong Airbnb next time. So let’s jump on to it.

Ants in airbnb

I see some stories where people are talking about how they saw dozens of ants crawling in the bathroom, kitchen, and even in the bedroom of their airbnb. That’s disgusting. However, it’s not common and I can say most of the hosts do their best for a better experience for their guests.

Ants can be attracted by food crumbs, pet foods, sugary items like honey, standing water, and dirty dishes that are unwashed and left in the sink by previous guests. Of course, it’s the duty of your host to take care of and have a clean and pest free environment. 

But somehow you got into trouble and your host is also very rude about it and doing nothing for the sake of it, then you should take charge. There are some simple steps that you can take to resolve the problem easily. 

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Contact the airbnb support team

I got a message from my friend saying, “Oh! Chris, Ants in airbnb, and my stay was ruined because of it”. Guess what he didn’t contact the customer support team. If you told your host that there are ants and bugs in your airbnb but he or she is still not interested in solving the problem, immediately contact the host and make sure to take pictures of it and send to them.

Never make the mistake of communicating outside of the platform as you have to keep a record of each and everything like chatting with the host and their promises. 

Should you leave the airbnb property

Leaving the property because of insects and ants in airbnb house

If your airbnb is infested with ants and you have to stay for a day or two It’ll be a good idea to have some patience and deal with the situation, but if your plan is to stay for a week or more, then you definitely want to leave the property and search for a new one. I have a personal experience, if your hosts play games with you and they lie about the property, leave it as soon as possible and make sure to keep records of your chat and everything.

This will increase the chances of getting a refund. It worked for me and I hope it will work for you as well but please make sure to deal with patience. If the host is serious and takes your comfort as a priority then you should want to be cooperative.

How to prevent ants and get rid of them

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t care about ants too much and you decided to stay on the property, then here are some steps to prevent the ants. First of all, you need to spot what causes the ants to invade, Are there food substances, indoor plants, or whatever

To prevent ants, you need to remove the food residues and clean the house properly. I know it’s hard and that is not something in your responsibility but we’re talking about a case where the host is not serious and keeps dodging. 

If the ants are in a bedroom make sure to clean the carpets because the previous guests might be eating the food in the bedroom, so there may be sugar grains and particles in the carpets. Next, do something about unclean dishes that are left behind in the sink. 

I saw someone advising that If you see ants in airbnb, first you have to know what type of ants they are, house ants, carpenter ants, or pavement ants. Well, that’s good advice if you’re a full-time cleaner but not for those who went to airbnb to have some fun and enjoy their vacations. 

These conditions also become a cause of mold growth.

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Keep the Advion ant gel with you

If you’ve taken all the measures but nothing is working and you’re so distracted and stressed because of the ants then you can use Advion ant gel. It is considered one of the most powerful gels when it comes to dealing with nasty ants. Please use it only if the ants are everywhere and you have a fear that they can bite you. 

Otherwise, use white vinegar and pepper spray to deter the ant invasion.  Mix both substances and spray on infected areas using a spray bottle.

Important Note

That’s the most important and crucial part of this informational guide. I often see people booking airbnb properties with zero reviews which is not a bad deal but the problem is you’ve to reach out to the host and seek information about every aspect of the property to avoid any kind of mishaps. I highly suggest you book a property with at least 5 to 10 reviews and make sure to read the description very carefully.

On top of it, never forget to look for amenities. You’ve to make sure you’re not leaving the footsteps of being misguided. There are some kinds of scams going on at airbnb where the host displays fake images and descriptions, and when you reach out to the property you get a big surprise. That’s why it is a good idea to book a property with some good reviews and ratings.

If you want to book one with zero reviews, make sure to check all the notes. Otherwise, it can be a problem like ants in Airbnb property or fake amenities, etc.

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No doubt, Ants can really mess up your whole stay and you’ll not find peace of mind. So it’s important to do our best to make sure everything goes perfectly as we want. I would say we’ve to investigate like an officer to get the best results. On top of it, Whenever you book an airbnb make sure to keep an ant spray or gel with you so you can take action immediately.

Though these are the responsibilities of hosts, but in case of bad luck or due to any reason you got into a ploy, you should know how to deal with the situation. Lastly, when you see ants in airbnb, make sure to contact the host and if he’s not listening to you, contact airbnb customer support and make sure to take pictures and keep the chat records safe in case of a refund.

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