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Around 23% of travelers love lighting up a cigarette, and most prefer the one and only Airbnb for their vacation rentals and bookings. So the question can you smoke in an airbnb?  is indeed obvious. First I would mention that smoking is not allowed in most of the rental platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Agoda, and so on. 

Below I tried my best to go through every possible question that can come into the mind of travelers who smoke. So be with me and find out what you’re looking for. Moreover, you can always contact me for any kind of help. Let’s move on.

Can you smoke in an airbnb?

Keeping it straight and simple, Airbnb does not allow any kind of smoking unless the host allows you, which is very rare and near impossible. I’ve three friends who are hosting on airbnb and they never allowed anyone to smoke in their properties due to security and the reason they hate the smell of cigarettes.

Some people say this is because of the smoking smell, Yep that’s true but there is another factor that stops hosts from allowing smoking in their rentals, and that is the safety of their properties. You see the modern and beautiful houses at airbnb, How can they allow someone to smoke in there?

In 2019, An incident happened, A three-story building got into a fire just because the guests were smoking on the deck. After that, lighting up cigarettes is just like a dream.

After booking hundreds of vacation rentals, I experienced that the hosts think allowing smoking in their properties is like holding a ball of fire in the hand, As it can cause significant damage to the property and also pose a danger to guests. 

In the end, 90% of the hosts do not allow you to smoke under any circumstances, they have Airbnb no-smoking policies.

Interestingly, there are Airbnb listings that are just for travelers who smoke. These accommodations are smoking-friendly and allow guests to smoke inside the property with some restrictions and house rules. However, even within such listings, it’s important to respect the host’s specific guidelines and restrictions.

Does no smoking include outside?

If a host has no smoking policies, can you smoke outside? Well, This totally depends on the owner of the property, There are chances they may allow you to do so. To know whether you can smoke outside of the property or not, Contact the host and clarify that.

Some properties have separate outside zones that are specially for smoking. As I said 23% of travelers always have lighters in their pockets, So there is a huge opportunity for the hosts to make more on airbnb by having dedicated spaces for smoking, usually the outside. If there’s a designated spot, that’s your green light.

When Airbnb hosts say “no smoking,” they generally mean indoors. They want to keep the environment safe and enjoyable for all guests.

What happens if you are caught smoking in Airbnb?

If you get caught while smoking in an airbnb, then there will be a need to worry. The host can set up a security deposit for the guests which is refundable but In case of any damage to the property or violating some serious policies of the hosts you might get charged for that.

Hosts can set the amount of security deposit on their own. So my suggestion is to never break the rules and regulations of the property as it can be a big deal and it’s not a good act morally as well.

Something to note here is that You’ll never find a security deposit on all of the properties, In that case, the host may ask you to cover the loss and damage that is done by you or on your behalf.

Be careful 

That is something I’ve to repeat in every post, Be careful while reviewing the listing. If you just get it right, your stay will be smooth. Read reviews, host policies, and never forget to look for amenities. If you are unsure about anything, contact the host and ask them to provide more information.

Moreover, Review multiple listings because you may find something more better and reliable than the previous one. Utilize split stays if you’re planning to have a longer stay. Read my full review of split stays to know more about it.

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For hosts

It’s time to share helpful knowledge with hosts. I never hosted on airbnb but have many friends who are in this business. I ask them to share what they do to maintain their profiles on airbnb.

Clear policies

As I mentioned earlier as a host you can charge the guest through the security deposit if anything goes wrong, but there is no guarantee you might be or not. So it’s so important to have a clear and straightforward policy whether you want to allow smokers or not.

I guess most of you don’t want to take a chance, So in this case, mention no smoking in your description and policies with a no smoking sign. It will be worth it if you mention indoor and outdoor smoking policies separately as well. 

What my friend told me is that if you mention a no-smoking policy in your listings, the guest may take that they can smoke outside. So to avoid any contradictions and for making sure your guests have hassle-free stays, clearly mention your policies.

Here is how you can enforce airbnb no smoking policies.

Use cameras

Another way is to use cameras on your property. Inform your guests about it and never install cameras in private areas like bedrooms, bathrooms etc you may get into trouble. Guests should know that the cameras are there to make sure no one smokes inside and to keep everyone safe during their stay.

If someone breaks the no-smoking rule, take a close look at the camera recordings before doing anything. Make sure you can clearly see what happened in the videos. This helps avoid any confusion or wrong blame that could hurt how you and the guest get along. It’s like looking closely at a puzzle piece to know if it fits right.

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Can I smoke inside an Airbnb property?

In most cases no, you can’t smoke inside an Airbnb property. Smoking is not allowed to keep the place clean and safe for everyone. There are also a number of airbnb accommodations that allow smoking.

What happens if I smoke inside?

If you smoke inside, it’s against the rules. The host might have cameras to make sure people don’t smoke indoors. If they see you smoking, there could be consequences like cleaning fees.

Can I smoke on the balcony or outside areas?

It depends on the host’s rules. Some hosts might allow smoking in outdoor areas like balconies or gardens. You can always contact the host to clarify that.

Can the host watch me all the time through the cameras?

No, the hosts are busy too! They won’t be watching you all the time. Cameras are there to keep checking if there’s a problem like someone breaking rules and policies.

What if I want to smoke?

If you can’t live without lighting up, it’s better to find a place that allows smoking or has separate smoking areas. It’s important to follow the rules of the Airbnb. Never forgot you’re staying in someones’s home and following the rules and respecting the owner’s policies will be a nice act.

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