Do Airbnbs have shampoo and conditioner? What’s the catch?


Does Airbnb have shampoo and conditioner? In most cases, Airbnb has shampoo with all other basic amenities but it depends on the host.

This is what I figured out, Airbnb hosts never list shampoo and conditioners as amenities because they want you to bring your own. I have seen many cases like this. Until you ask them, they will never talk about it. So be mindful of this.

Small things always have a huge impact on our stay. It can be anything like the behavior of the host, neighbors, or even not having shampoo, soap, or conditioner. Am I right? Before moving forward I wanna share a funny incident.

It was my cousin’s birthday and we booked a small apartment on airbnb with a nice balcony, near to our permanent house but just for the sake of the party we booked that. Since we were busy arranging all the stuff. My cousin went into the bath to take a shower.

After a few minutes, he came out so frustrated and furious,  and screaming out shampoo, where it is, for a moment I thought he may have seen a snake or something like that. Anyhow the shampoo was not there.

So make sure this will not happen to you.

Do airbnbs have shampoo and conditioner?

First of all, I’m not going to explain how shampoo does this or that. It is used for cleaning hair and for maintaining the beauty of the hair, we all know that. Here is the straight answer.

Many hotels provide small tubes of shampoo just to improve guest experience but there are tons of hosts on airbnb. According to TheZebra there are 5.6 million active listings on airbnb. Each listing has different nature, terms and amenities for guests. It varies.

So I think it could be wrong to say anything about it, but generally speaking and from what I experienced, Airbnbs have shampoo. But never expect something like Ohuai or Oribe, you’ll be disappointed.

A study shows 75% of guests don’t use shampoo, soap and conditioners provided by the hosts. They bring their own.

Do know before booking Airbnb.

Does airbnb have shampoo or does airbnb provide shampoo and conditioner? Two different questions but the answers are the same.

This is how I know before booking an Airbnb hotel. Some people think asking for shampoo is a cheap act, What? I don’t think so, because this is your right to get to know about each and everything before booking any accommodation. So you’ll not be surprised, because it directly impacts your experience.

If you’re going to book an airbnb and you have concerns with basic amenities like shampoo or conditioner, Read the description carefully. Many of us just skim through the listing and are always in a hurry but that’s not good. It can take only 2 minutes to carefully read the overview.

Next, contact the host. If you’re too shy to ask, do this.

Hi Zoe! How are you doing?

You have a gorgeous house and It’s in the heart of Paris. That’s so cool. I would love to know about basic amenities, especially shampoo and conditioners. Don’t worry, I’m so careful about it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Bulk shampoo vs travel size

This is something that I don’t care too much about. Because it totally depends on the situation and overall scenario. If you’re planning a trip for a longer period and you are wondering what’s the cost-effective option then I’ll say go with bulk shampoo. Bring the dispenser and fill it because It’s convenient, cost-effective and also eco-friendly.

Turning the page, If it’s going to be a short stay with a shared bathroom then stick with travel-size shampoo and conditioners. If you’re someone who keeps changing his shampoo and never finds something perfect, like me, then I would suggest travel-size or small bottles or branded ones, whatever it is.

Budgeted vs luxury accommodations

Whether a shampoo or conditioner is available or not, depends on the level of luxury. If you’re going to stay in a rental that costs $250 per night, Likely the host will provide shampoo and conditioners but if the cost is just $50 then you can guess.

Luxury Airbnbs have a lot to offer like, spas, gyms, modern showers and theatres. Besides, if you’re planning to book a rental with a friendly budget then you will not have access to these amenities. You’ll even need to bring your own shampoo and conditioners.

Keeping it simple and straight, go with the option that aligns with your needs. I think none of us is going to book a $300 rental instead of $150 just for the shampoo. Kidding!

Message for Airbnb Hosts

Although I’m sharing my experience as an airbnb guest this is my message for the hosts to get better ratings, Just by making their guests happier.

We’ll love value, what does that mean? Offering something more than their expectations. Got it? Build relations with the guest, Guide them by sharing some tips and experiences that can improve their stay. Provide knowledge about the popular and must-visit places in your area. Offer luxury amenities but within your budget.

Try this and you’ll surely get amazing results.

Commonly asked questions from you.

Q. Do you provide shampoo at Airbnb?
Mostly, hosts do provide shampoo and air conditioners but it totally depends on the types of rental, their culture and the nature of the host. If the host is rude ( very rare ) or the rental is very budget-friendly then you have to bring your own.

Q. What shampoo do you use for Airbnb?
If it’s going to be a longer stay I would go with bulk shampoo and if it’s a shorter stay then travel-size shampoo will be fine.

Q. Does Airbnb have toiletries?
Generally, Airbnb hosts provide basic toiletries like soap at a bathroom sink and toilet paper, but It’s ideal to contact the host and confirm whether it’ll be provided or not.

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